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Class Features

Calling Number Delivery (Caller ID)

Allows the customer to view the telephone number of the calling party. The telephone number is displayed on a customer-provided display device in the interval between the first and second ring. However, the calling party may subscribe to services which will prevent the disclosure of the telephone number. In such instances, a privacy indication will appear on the customer-provided display unit instead of the calling party’s telephone number.

Calling Name Delivery

Displays the name associated with an incoming directory name. The name is displayed after the first ringing cycle. Name display generally results in quicker recognition than number display and allows the subscriber to answer the call with a personalized greeting. With this service, the subscriber has more specific information upon which to base the decision to answer or not. The date and time of an incoming call are also displayed. Calling Name Delivery service requires a telephone set or an adjunct to the set capable of displaying an alphanumeric set of characters.


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