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Custom Calling Features

Call Forwarding lets you transfer your incoming calls automatically to any other telephone you can dial within the continental U.S.A. without the assistance of the operator.

To Forward Calls:
Dial 72#. Listen for a second dial tone, then dial the number to which you want your calls forwarded. Two short tones will indicate the number has registered.
Call Forwarding is in effect when the other telephone is answered. Stay on the line for at least five seconds.
If the line is busy or there is no answer, hang up and immediately repeat the first two steps.
Call Forwarding will be established automatically when you hear two short tones plus dial tone. No answer is required to activate Call Forwarding on the second attempt.


To Cancel Forwarding:
Dial 73#. Listen for two short tones plus dial tone. Call Forwarding is cancelled.

Some things to Remember:
Call Forwarding continues until you cancel it from your telephone.
You can still make outgoing calls from your telephone while Call Forwarding is established.
A short ring will be heard whenever your number is called to remind you your telephone calls are forwarded. You cannot answer these calls.
If other persons use your telephone, let them know when incoming calls are being forwarded – especially if they are expecting an important call.

Don’t forget to tell the person who will receive your calls that you are using Call Forwarding – especially if you will not be where your calls will be forwarded.
You pay applicable charges, if any, for calls forwarded from your telephone.

When you’re on the phone, send incoming callers to a predetermined number so you never miss a call and your callers never reach a busy signal.

To Activate:

  • At the dial tone, press *90 or dial 1190 on a rotary phone.
  • Listen for a second dial tone.
  • Dial the number you want your calls forwarded to.
  • When the call is answered, Call Forward – Busy is activated.If the party doesn’t answer or the line is busy, hang up and repeat the first three steps within 20 seconds. A double beep confirms your busy calls have been forwarded.

To Cancel Call Forward – Busy

At the dial tone, press *91 or dial 1191 on a rotary phone.


This service lets you add a third person to your conversation.

To Add A Third Person To Your Conversation:

  • Press the switch hook once, firmly (1/2 second), and release immediately. This puts the original call on “hold.”
  • Listen for three short tones, then a dial tone.
  • Dial the telephone number of the third person to be added. After the third person answers, you may talk with that person before returning the original call.
  • To return the original caller to the line and complete the three-way conversation, press the switch hook once, firmly (1/2 second), and release immediately.
  • NOTE: If the line is busy or doesn’t answer, cancel the three-way call by pressing the switch hook once. Continue the original conversation or try again.

To Remove Either Person From The Conversation:

  • The original party just hangs up to disconnect.
  • The third person is removed by your pressing the switch hook once and releasing it immediately, or by the third person simply hanging up.
  • All three connections are automatically disconnected when you hang up.

To Add A Different Person:

Perform a “remove” step. Then repeat the first four steps.
Custom calling services are available only to single party customers, where facilities are available, at an additional monthly charge.

For further information call your Service Representative.

Speed calling provides one-digit codes for up to 8 of the telephone numbers you call most. You can dial both local and long distance calls with Speed Calling.

To Place A Speed Call:
When you hear the dial tone, dial the Speed Calling code (2 through 9) assigned to the number you’re calling. If your telephone is Touch-Tone and equipped with the pound (#) key, press the code number and then the # key.

To Add Or Change A Speed Call Code Number:

8-Code Speed Calling:

Listen for dial tone, and then dial activating code 74. (On a Touch-Tone phone equipped with a pound symbol (#) key, press 74 and then the # key.)


Listen for a second dial tone, and then dial the Speed Calling code number to be changed or added.
Next, dial the local or complete long distance number you want assigned to that code number.
Two short tones indicate the new code and telephone number combination have been recorded.

30-Code Speed Calling:

It is the same as 8-Code except use 75 as the activating code and dial the Speed Calling Code (20 through 49).

This service lets you answer a second call while you are using your telephone.

How It Works:
When you are using your telephone, when someone else calls you will hear a brief tone signal. The person with whom you are talking will hear a slight click. Ten seconds later you will hear a reminder tone. The incoming caller only hears the usual ringing signal.

To Answer The Second Call:
If you wish to end the first call, hang up. Your phone will ring and the second (incoming) caller will be on the line.
If you want to hold the first call while answering the second call, press the switch hook once, firmly, (1/2 second), and release it immediately. You will be connected with the other person on your line. (Use the recall button on Trim line models.)


Returning To The First Call:
To return to the first call, simply press the switch hook once, firmly, (1/2 second), and release it immediately. With this method, you can switch between the two calls as frequently as you wish.

How To End Either Conversation:
After you have finished talking with either caller, hang up. Your phone will ring and when you answer you will be connected with the person remaining on the line.

Cancel Call Waiting:
Before making a call

Touch – *70, or if rotary
Dial – 1170 – Restores Call Waiting after one call.


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